How to post accelerated video in Instagram Stories with the InShot app

The InShot application allows you to edit videos to add the advanced speed effect to scenes. Available for free for iPhone (iOS) and for Android phone, it allows you to send videos to the Instagram Stories where images and audio are played in an accelerated way. The feature is ideal for creating funny scenes and works as an alternative to the 15-second limit of Stories mode - the accelerated effect reduces the time of the original video.

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Even with paid functions, InShot's video acceleration function is free and adds no watermark to the images. Here's how to speed up your videos and create fun scenes to post on Instagram Stories.

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Step 1. Open the InShot application and tap the camera button in "Create new". Then start recording a video using the app;

Action to record a video to post to Instagram with the InShot app

Step 2. To end recording, click the red icon again at the bottom of the screen. Confirm that you want to open the video on the app edit screen by touching the "Use Video" option;

Action to open a video in the InShot app editing tool

Step 3. Choose the "Speed" editing tool. In the next window, use the slider to increase the speed of the video. To do this, drag the white ball to the right corner of the screen. To proceed, tap the visa icon;

Action to add in a video the fast-moving effect with the InShot app

Step 4. Touch the sharing icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then choose "Save";

Action to save an edited video in the InShot application

Step 5. Wait for the video to be saved and close InShot. At that point, open Instagram and tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access Stories mode;

Action to open in Instagram Stories an edited video in the InShot app

Step 6. Use the thumbs-downs on the screen to view your phone's media. Tap the video you just edited so it loads into Stories. Once this is done, use the function cards and filters and tap "Your Story" to publish the scene.

Action to post in Instagram an edited video in the InShot app

Use the hint to create funny scenes of yourself or your friends and post them on your Instagram Stories or to get more information in the 15 seconds that last the story.