How to prevent Chrome sync for Android; protect your data

Chrome allows you to sync your browser data between all devices connected to the same Google account. The feature, which tends to be practical for everyday use, can be inconvenient for people who need more privacy - all of the bookmarks, access history, passwords, and other settings you use on your PC will also be applied to the mobile app .

However, you can disable this feature, or customize it to share only some information. Here's how to prevent Chrome from automatically syllogging your data on Android.

How to prevent data sharing in the Chrome browser by Android

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Step 1. Open the Chrome app on your Android phone. Then touch the "Settings" item.

Access settings for Chrome on Android

Step 2. Tap on your profile picture and enter "Sync".

Access the sync feature in Chrome

Step 3. Note that the key next to the "Synchronize" option is active. This indicates that all devices logged into the same Google account will link usage data, allowing you to access your history, saved passwords, accessed items, bookmarks, cards, and more. To completely prevent this synchronization, disable the key at the top.

Disable Chrome data sync on Android

Step 4. You can customize what information will be shared on a daily basis. To do so, hold the key in "Synchronize" and turn off the key just below, indicated in "Synchronize all". Then check or uncheck items to sync on your phone.

Customize data synchronization in Chrome with Android

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