How to prevent Facebook from crawling your data through Firefox

Facebook Container is a Mozilla plugin that allows you to access social networks with greater privacy protection in Firefox. As an extension, the program keeps Facebook, Messenger and Instagram isolated from the rest of the browser and prevents those websites from accessing cookies, as well as the use of user tracking mechanisms. The solution is a way to keep browsing history out of the reach of advertisers using sponsored ads on major digital media.

The extension for Firefox preserves the identity of the profile on Facebook to make it difficult to control the other sites visited. Check out the step-by-step tutorial below on how to prevent data crawling on Facebook from the Mozilla browser.

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Step 1. Download and install the Facebook Container extension at the official Firefox add-ons store (//, clicking "Add to Firefox" ;

Download the Facebook Container extension for Firefox

Step 2. Authorize the browser to install the extension to start using. To do this, go to "Add";

Install the Facebook Container extension in Firefox

Step 3. With the plugin installed, open Facebook, Messenger or Instagram through the browser and log in again. Notice that this time Firefox displays a new blue icon next to the address. The signal indicates the activation of the isolated access;

Open Facebook on Facebook Container for Firefox

Step 4. When you click on links from the Facebook, Instagram or messaging feed in Messenger, Firefox opens the content outside the Container and no longer shows the blue icon in the address bar.

Open web links in a separate Facebook environment while using Facebook Container

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