How to prevent Facebook data from being shared with other apps

Facebook allows you to change the privacy and information given to third-party applications to protect data on the social network. The alternative has been sought by users following a scandal involving the social network in the last week. Investigation of US newspapers revealed that the information of over 50 million people was misused.

To make the data informed to the social network more secure, see how to delete apps, change privacy, and avoid having your information shared with third-party sites.

Preventing online testing from using personal data on Facebook

Data from 50 million Facebook users were obtained and used illegally

Understand the case

According to reports in The Gardian and New York Times, consulting firm Cambridge Analytica used data from 50 million people illegally obtained from the 2016 US presidential campaign.

These data were collected through a psychological test - in the same style as "What Celebrity Do You Look Like ?, " which was successful in Brazil. To test, the user had to authorize the application to see some information from their Faceboook profile.

Called "thisisyourdigitallife", the app was designed by researcher Aleksandr Kogan. In total, 270, 000 users have access to their data on Facebook and also the information of all the friends on the platform, totaling 50 million people.

Kogan was responsible for providing the information to Cambridge Analytica. The company was hired for campaign candidate Donald Trump. According to investigations in the US press, the consultancy would have used the data obtained by Facebook to create strategies (including rumors, false news and misinformation) and influence voters. The researcher would have sold the data for $ 800, 000.

According to Facebook, social network policy allows developers to access data only for the purpose of improving the application experience. The sale of this information or use for advertising is prohibited.

Here's how to restrict your data access to third-party applications on Facebook

It is common for users to allow non-Facebook applications and websites to access account information - even without reading the terms and conditions of each. However, you can change Facebook settings to increase privacy and prevent personal information from being misused.

How to delete third party apps from Facebook

If you have already granted access to your data, you can cancel the Facebook permission. You can do this by removing from your account the applications you do not consider reliable.

Step 1. Click the "menu" icon indicated by an arrow at the top right of the screen and then select "Settings";

Select settings from the Facebook menu

Step 2. Then click on "Applications" in the menu on the left side. Find the name of the application in the list and click the "x" next to the name to remove it;

Step 3. A window will appear and you should click on "Remove".

Disabling third-party apps on Facebook

The procedure below takes the permission off of any integration of your account on the social network with applications from outside Facebook or other sites. That is, with the deactivation of the resource it will no longer be possible to register or login to any page with the Facebook data. However, this does not guarantee that previously installed applications will no longer have access to the information you have already shared.

Step 1. Access Facebook. In the upper right corner, click on the little set and in the menu that appears, go to "Settings";

Access Facebook Settings

Step 2. From the configuration options, choose "Applications";

Access Facebook app settings

Step 3. Scroll down to the "Applications, Sites, and Plugins" option, and then click "Edit";

Go to the "Applications, sites and plug-ins" option of Facebook

Step 4. Select "Disable Platform".

Turn off integration with third-party apps on Facebook

Limit information accessed by apps

Another option is to restrict the data that can be accessed by apps used by your friends. By default, people who are allowed to view your information can "take it" when they use apps and thus make them available. The justification of the social network is that "this makes your experience better and more social." Check out the step-by-step how to carry out the process.

Step 1. Access Facebook. In the upper right corner, click on the little set and in the menu that appears, go to "Settings";

Access Facebook Settings

Step 2. From the configuration options, choose "Applications";

Access Facebook app settings

Step 3. Under "Applications that other people use", click on the "Edit" button;

that other people use "from Facebook

Step 4. Uncheck the boxes for the items you do not want to provide information to apps. Then click "OK" to complete.

Uncheck the boxes for information you do not want Facebook to share

Via The Verge and The Guardian

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