How to prevent Yahoo Mail from collecting your data

Yahoo Mail users should disable a service function to prevent Yahoo from crawling their inbox for personal data. According to a survey by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, the company provides content from more than 200 million accounts to customers interested in advertising on the Internet. The company is suspected of scanning personal emails to help create advertising strategies.

Yahoo does not make it clear in terms of use of the service if the collection occurs. The only way to prevent reposting is to revoke any permission given to the company for ad customization. Here's how to unsubscribe from Yahoo's email data collection in the following tutorial.

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Yahoo's e-mail service is suspected of selling user information for commercial purposes

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Step 1. Go to the Yahoo ad control page (// and log in to your account. In the "Your Advertising Choices" section, click "Opt out." The feature prevents the use of your data in ads created by Yahoo that appear on other web sites;

out "to cancel use of personal data in Yahoo

Step 2. Confirm that the button has been changed to "Opt in" and so make sure the data delivery on the Internet has been turned off. Otherwise, turn off blockers and ads that may be active in your browser and click again. Then go to the "On Yahoo" tab;

Make sure that the cancellation has been accepted and navigate to the other tab in Yahoo Mail

Step 3. Press "Opt out" again and ensure that the option is successfully loaded, and the button is changed to "Opt in". By revoking this permission, ads displayed on Yahoo pages are also blocked to use your information.

Repeal again permission to use your data by Yahoo

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and protect your information in Yahoo Mail.

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