How to protect photos of curious on iPhone

IPhone users do not find on iOS an option that allows them to hide or block sensitive photos. In this way, you need to use an external tool such as DFNDR Vault to protect password-protected photos and prevent them from being viewed by curious users. The procedure is ideal for people who share with family members, who use a corporate cell phone or who prefer to leave the device without a locking password.

The application saves the images with password and allows to delete the original files of the library of the cellular, preventing that the intimacy of the user is exposed. In addition to the password lock, the tool offers unlock by biometrics, but for this it is necessary to have an iPhone that has this technology.

Tutorial shows how to lock iPhone photos using the DFNDR Vault application

To test the DFNDR Vault, we use an upgraded iPhone 7 with iOS 11 operating system, minimum version to download the app. To use the program, a quick e-mail validation is required to access all the tools available for free use. Check out the following tutorial on how to protect your curious photos on the iPhone.

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Step 1. Open the DFNDR Vault and tap the "Start" button. Then, set the type of lock you want to use. For newer iPhones, the option "Fingerprint" can be used to unlock using the fingerprint sensor. If you prefer a numeric password, tap "Password".

Action to set up a file unlock form in the DFNDR VAULT app for iPhone

Step 2. Enter a numeric password twice so that it is recognized by the application. On the next page, enter an email to authenticate your use of the tool. After receiving an email from DFNDR Vault, go to your inbox and click the link in the message body to validate your access and return to the app.

Action to set a password and a user email in the DFNDR VAULT app for iPhone

Step 3. Choose the "Use basic plan" option, as shown in the image below. At this point, the initial screen of the tool will be displayed. Touch the "+" icon to view app options.

Action to open DFNDR VAULT app options for iPhone

Step 4. Choose the "Create Album" option and enter a folder name. To proceed, touch the "Create" option.

Action to create an album for personal photos in the DFNDR VAULT app for iPhone

Step 5. With the folder ready, touch the "+" icon again and choose the "Import media" option;

Action to open the iPhone photo gallery through the DFNDR VAULT app

Step 6. Select the photos you want to block and tap "Start". At this point, use the "Delete" button to delete the images in the iOS library and keep them in the DFNDR Vault only.

Action to select iPhone images to lock with password with DFNDR Vault app

Step 7. To access blocked pictures, open the DFNDR Vault and use the configured password.

Action to access blocked photos on the iPhone using the DFNDR VAULT app

Use the hint whenever you want to keep private photos stored in your iPhone safe.

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