How to put 3D photo on Facebook

Facebook lets you post 3D photos with the Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile app. The feature is free and integrated to the platform. To use it, just take a picture in portrait mode on the phone - some apps do the service, such as Photor, Pixlr Editor and LightX. Apple models from the iPhone 7 Plus offer the effect in a native way. For the Android system, the tool is available for 2017 premium models and basic and mid-range devices from 2018, such as Samsung Galaxy S9.

The publication of the "three-dimensional" photo can be made in the friends feed, in the personal profile or even in groups in the social network. The goal is to offer a personalized way of interacting, with animated images that are able to surprise your network of contacts. To learn how to use the function, TechTudo has prepared the following tutorial. The procedure was performed on iPhone, but also works on smartphones with Google's operating system.

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Discover how to post 3D photos on Facebook on mobile

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Step 1. The first step in releasing the 3D photo feature is to enjoy a specific Facebook page. Open the social networking app and search for "Facebook 360" (// Then browse through the verified page;

Visit and enjoy the Facebook page 360

Step 2. Next, you have to force the application to close. To do this, on the iPhone, press the "home" button twice and then drag the app screen to close. On Android devices, the feature is available on the recent apps button - usually located on the right side of Motorola smartphones, and left on other manufacturers. Open the Facebook app on your phone again. Then touch the area to type a post normally;

Force the closing of the Facebook app and then open on the iPhone

Step 3. Note that the "3D Photo" item has been added to your list of features for publication. Choose one of the photos in the gallery in portrait mode and wait for the app to apply the transformation to 3D;

Find the 3D Photo item and then choose the image to transform into 3D

Step 4. Ready. There is a photo preview already in effect in 3D. Write what you want and confirm in "Share" to post;

Post the 3D image on Facebook

Step 5. Check out an example of how the photo is displayed with the 3D effect in the Facebook feed by the iPhone app.

See how the 3D photo on Facebook is on the iPhone

Ready. Take advantage of Facebook's feature and make animated 3D images.

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