How to put the caret in the notebook

Entering the caret may become a problem for users. In online forums, people report difficulties when trying to put the symbol in the text, either because of an inability with an American keyboard or another nationality, or because of commands errors.

Regardless of the manufacturing origin of the keyboard, you can enter the correct accent even if you are using a trick in Word or in the operating system. In the following tutorial, learn how to put the caret on the notebook. See also five cases where accentuation may fail.

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1. No Shift Error

Beginning users can commit the basic typo of accents that leaves the uppercase letter unintentionally. In these situations, when you enter words such as "grandma, " "cad, " and "pavé, " the letter under the accent is misconfigured. The solution is very simple: simply hold the shift just as you type the accent key. Then, without holding down any key, enter the letter that should earn the accent.

2. American Keyboard

Step 1. When using a notebook purchased abroad, you must configure the language correctly in Windows so that you can type most accents. In Windows 10, click "ENG" to open the language quick menu;

Access the Windows Language Menu

Step 2. Select "Portuguese (Brazil)" from the list. If the Brazilian language is not available, click on "Language Preferences";

Select Portuguese or open preferences to add

Step 3. Click on "Add a language" and select "Portuguese (Brazil)". When this is done, the caret is usually positioned on the key next to the Enter, accessed by the "Shift +, " command;

Add the Portuguese keyboard option

The same procedure applies when the notebook's keyboard is Brazilian (ABNT2), but only the Windows language has changed by accident.

3. Locked key

If the reason for the problem when typing the accent is a stuck key or another hardware failure, you must call for a trick in the system. There are several ways to do this, depending on the occasion. See two examples below.

3.1. Word

Step 1. In Microsoft Word, go to the "Insert" menu and click "Symbols". Then go to "More Symbols";

Access the Word Symbols menu

Step 2. Look for the caret in the "General Punctuation" section of the symbol list and click "Insert";

Insert the caret in the text

Step 3. To access the accent quickly, click "Shortcut Key" and define a new combination to insert the symbol into the text.

Create a shortcut for the caret

3.2. Virtual keyboard

Open the virtual keyboard and enter the caret by clicking on the keys with the mouse: first select the Shift, and then press the accent button to insert anywhere.

Use the virtual keyboard to enter the accent

3.3. Software remapping

Download the KeyTweak program to remap the keys on your computer. After installing the software, choose an unused key that can be deactivated in the image. In the field below, select the caret key that is in trouble. By clicking on "Remap", the accent can be used on the selected button as a substitute.

Set another key to make the accent function

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