How to put chip and memory card in Galaxy J7 Pro

Inserting the phone and memory card chip into Samsung's Galaxy J7 Pro is a simple task. The secret is how to open the compartments, which are built into the unit. The user needs to use an eject tool that comes in the smartphone box or some pointed object, such as a needle or paperclip.

Check out the next step, how to put the microSD card or chip in the Galaxy J7 Pro. It is necessary to have a SIM chip in the nano version, which is smaller. This chip can be obtained from your service provider.

Learn how to insert SIM card and memory card into Galaxy J7 Pro

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Step 1. Insert the ejection tool into the first hole on the left side of the unit and apply a little force. The tray will pop up and you can remove it with your fingers.

Remove the SIM card tray

Step 2. Place the SIM card in the tray. It is important to position it in the correct way so that, afterwards, everything fits perfectly.

Insert the chip into the tray

Step 3. Place the tray back in the slot and tighten until it is fully inserted.

Insert the tray back into the phone

Step 4. If you want to insert a second SIM chip or a memory card, you must eject the lower (larger, lower) tray.

Remove the lower tray

Step 5. Place the SIM chip or microSD card in the tray. Then just insert it into the slot and press until it clicks into place.

Insert the tray back into the machine

With these simple tips, you can put or remove the SIM card and memory card in your Galaxy J7 Pro without damaging the device.

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