How to recharge credits by Bradesco

Bradesco bank offers a simple way to charge mobile phones. Available through the official iPhone application (iOS) and Android, as well as the site, the resource allows you to buy credits with prices between $ 20 and $ 100 on Claro, Nextel, Oi, Porto Seguro, TIM and Vivo phones. The amount is automatically charged from the checking account or the user savings account as soon as the credit is sent to the phone.

In the following tutorial, TechTudo shows you how to buy credits for your mobile by the bank. In order to access internet banking, account holders should contact the customer service center or go to an agency to receive first-access instructions on the platform. The step by step was performed on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.

Tutorial shows how to recharge cellular using Bradesco services

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How to recharge the phone

Step 1. Open the application and tap the "Account access" option. Then go to "Refills".

Action to access options for recharges in mobile phones in the Bradesco app

Step 2. Choose whether you want to pay with current account or savings amounts, and then enter the area code and the mobile number twice. To proceed, touch "Select an option" under "Carrier".

Action to enter a phone number and carrier in the reload function of the Bradesco app

Step 3. Select the carrier and tap the "OK" button. At this point, set the recharge value and use the "Continue" button.

Action to define a carrier and recharge value in the Bradesco app

Step 4. Enter your second key using the auto-fill button in the lower-right corner of the screen and tap "Confirm" to end the action.

Action to confirm the purchase of mobile credit in the Bradesco app

How to recharge the PC

Step 1. Go to Bradesco internet banking and click the "Cell phones" option.

Action to access the option for mobile phones in bradesco internet banking

Step 2. Click the "Reload Prepaid Cell Phone" option.

Action to access the recharge area on mobile phones in internet banking Bradesco

Step 3. At this point, type twice the DDD and the cell phone number you wish to recharge. Then choose the carrier and the amount of credit you want to buy.

Action to define a cellular recharge in internet banking Bradesco

Step 4. Define when the amount will be debited and whether it will be withdrawn from the current account or savings account. To continue, click "Next."

Action to define a cellular recharge by the Bradesco website

Step 5. To finalize the procedure, generate a security key like you would in any payment action in internet banking. Then click "Confirm".

Action to finalize the purchase of mobile credits in internet banking Bradesco

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