How to recharge a mobile phone Hi

The My Oi app lets you recharge your carrier's prepaid cell phones. The transaction is done via credit card and works for both the number itself and others, as long as the two phones are from the same DDD. Thus, the resource can be used to put credit into the cell phone of children, friends and family, for example.

The tutorial below teaches you how to use the recharging system by the official Oi application. The procedure was performed on a Moto G5S Plus running Android 7.1.1 (Nougat), but the app also features an iPhone version (iOS).

Learn how to recharge on phones Hi with the official app from the operator

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Step 1. The reload procedure requires login to My Hi. If you are not already registered, touch "Create account" in the initial screens of the app and follow the indicated procedures, which require CPF, full name and email, besides the password creation. Once logged in, touch the main menu and select the "Reload" option.

Path to menu reload in the My Hi app

Step 2. Press the button with the recharge value. If the procedure is performed from a prepaid cell phone, the following screen will display the phone itself in the "Oi Number" field. Since this tutorial was done on an account device, you need to tap the field to add the number that will receive the balance.

Select recharge value and number Hi, you will receive balance

Step 3. Insert the pre-paid phone Hi with DDD and press the "Add" button. The number will be included in the app's calendar, but will not be automatically selected. To do this, tap again on the "Hi Number" field and then select the phone you added.

Inclusion and selection of Oi's prepaid number to receive recharge credit

Step 4. Tap the "Credit Card" field. Enter the flag, the complete card number, and the expiration date. Press the "Add" button to continue.

Adding Credit Card Information to Reload by My Hi

Step 5. Again, tap the "Credit Card" field and select the added card. With all reload information filled in, press the "Continue" button.

Filling up prepaid cellphone recharge information from Oi

Step 6. My Hi will describe a summary of the recharge. To confirm the transaction, enter the security code of your credit card and press "Reload". The application will display a message indicating that the transaction was successful.

Confirm prepaid cellphone recharge by My Hi app

Step 7. Oi sends an SMS to confirm the recharge. If it has been made from one cell to another, as in the example in this tutorial, a message will be sent to both phones.

Reload confirmation SMS sent by operator Hi

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