How to record videos with the 'hands-free' function in Snapchat

Snapchat tests a new feature that lets you record "hands-free" videos. With a similar function as the rival Instagram Stories, the user can shoot without the need to press the screen all the time.

The new feature, seen in the last update of the app, also supports multi-snaps, that is, recording up to six snaps in a row, without interruption. Next, check out how to turn on the tool and make "hands-free" videos in Snapchat.

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Step 1. Open the Snapchat. If you want to choose a filter, simply touch the screen for a few seconds for the options to appear. When the effect is selected, press and hold the round button to start recording the video;

Choose the Snapchat filter

Step 2. When you start recording, the button will gain a red outline, which shows the remaining recording time. Below the button, a padlock will also appear on the screen. Drag the finger down to activate the hands-free recording function. The feature even supports multiple video footage, the multi-snap, implemented in 2017;

Drag your finger to touch the padlock symbol that appears on the Snapchat screen

Step 3. When you want to finish the video, just touch the red button. Then just make edits and share with friends (in the rectangle with the "+" sign) or save the result on the cell phone (in the down arrow icon).

Once the process is complete, share the Snap

Ready! Enjoy and release the creativity in Snapchat.

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