How to recover access to an account hacked on Instagram

If you are having difficulty accessing your account on Instagram, please be aware that it may have been hacked. The social network is experiencing a sudden increase in theft of profiles, indicating a possible coordinated action of cybercriminals, still without defined motivation. Fortunately, it is possible to recover an overrun account and in this tutorial teaches you the procedure.

It's worth noting that recovery works in most cases, but it depends on how much information the hacker has changed in your account - if only user name and email were changed, as is often the case, you can retrieve the profile over the phone. In addition, other security measures must be taken to prevent attacks from occurring, such as creating a strong password, enabling 2-step authentication, and revoking access from third-party apps.

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Step 1. From the Instagram app's home screen, go to the "Get help to sign in" link. Enter the email, phone number or user linked to the account and tap the "Next" button;

Help screens to log in to the Instagram application

Step 2. Under "Access your account", choose an access method - in this case, we select the e-mail. Instagram will tell you which address the account redemption link was sent to. If it does not match the correct email, you can still touch "Send an SMS" or "Sign in with Facebook";

Instagram account email sending for account recovery

Step 3. Open the email and tap the "Reset your Instagram password" link (it can also be like "Reset your Instagram password" if the e-mail is in Portuguese from Portugal). Create a new password, type it again in the field below and touch the check icon in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm;

Creation of new password for hacked account redemption on Instagram

Step 4. Okay, you should have recovered your Instagram account that has been hacked;

Instagram account recovered from invaders

Step 5. Now that you have access to your account again, log in to your profile from your computer and revoke third-party application access to Instagram. It is possible that the invasion was caused by some malicious app.

Revoking access from third-party apps increases security for your Instagram account

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