How to recover data from the flash drive or memory card in Mac OS

Pendrives and memory cards may display errors for various reasons and corrupt stored files. Most of the causes are due to misuse at the time of ejecting from the computer, a problem that can also happen on the Mac.

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The good news is that there are a number of programs that help you recover lost items on a failed device. One of them is the Disk Drill, application with free version and good interface to restore a flash memory connected to the computer; see how to use it.

Learn how to recover pendrive and memory card on Mac

Step 1. Install Disk Drill on your Mac and open to view all the disks attached to the computer. In the list, you see both the Mac's SSD and the externally connected memory stick. Locate the device where you want to re-establish the files and click next to "Retrieve";

Select a connected USB stick or memory card

Step 2. Disk Drill will scan for deleted or corrupted files that can be recovered. As the program finds available items, the result is listed in folders. Click to open and start exploring;

Explore items found

Step 3. Click the eye-shaped symbol to see a preview of the found file. Then click the destination folder selection;

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Preview files

Step 4. Choose a folder on the computer to save the files to be restored;

Put files in an easy-to-access location on Mac

Step 5. Check the boxes next to the items you want to restore. Click "Retrieve";

Check the items you want to recover and restore

Step 6. At the end, you will see a list of all the recovered files and the items ready for use in the location chosen in Step 4.

View your recovered files

Disk Drill is a free tool that offers a limit of the number of files to recover a pendrive or memory card. If you want to restore the entire pendrive, you need to pay for the Pro license. The advantage is that you can know if the device can be restored before you need to pay for the license.

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