How to recover WhatsApp verification code

The WhatsApp lock code can be removed in case of forgetfulness to regain access to your conversations. If you have forgotten your password, the application allows you to disable the six-digit PIN using the email you entered in the 2-step verification setup.

The two-factor security system, which has been in the messenger since February 2017, is used to protect user messages with a code every time the app is reinstalled. The measure prevents, for example, a cloned phone number from clearing the way for invaders. See, in the tutorial below, how to recover WhatsApp on your phone. The steps were played on a Galaxy S8 running Android 8 Oreo.

Here's how to recover WhatsApp without the lock code

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Step 1. At the prompt to request the code, touch "Forgot PIN?" And select the option "Send e-mail". WhatsApp will send a verification reset message to the registered e-mail address. The screen does not inform the email, so you should know what you reported in the initial settings of the app.

Send a reset link to your email

Step 2. If there is an e-mail address registered, WhatsApp has a message of success. Tap "Ok" and access your email to check if the message has been received. It has the subject "WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Reset". Tap the link that came with the message.

Access the WhatsApp email link

Step 3. You will be taken to a website that allows you to disable the code request. Touch "Confirm" to free WhatsApp access. The application immediately frees access only with number verification via SMS and allows you to recover your backup.

Disable the code request to re-use WhatsApp

Step 4. Finally, re-enable 2-step verification in the application with an easy-to-remember code.

Create a new WhatsApp lock code

No recovery email

If you did not register a password recovery email or no longer have access to it, you need to wait seven days from the date that the incorrect PIN was first entered. After that period, you can use WhatsApp with SMS verification only, without typing the unlock code. However, all messages and content sent by WhatsApp to your number during that time will be deleted without any possibility of recovery.

Be careful not to extrapolate 30 days from the date of entering the wrong code. After this deadline, WhatsApp will delete your account and complete conversation history, with no possibility of restoring backups.

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