How to Register Fingerprint in Galaxy J7 Pro

The Galaxy J7 Pro, from Samsung, features a biometric reader built into the start button. The feature allows you to unlock the device using the fingerprint as a password. Registration is done during the initial setup of Android, when turning on the phone for the first time. However, later, the user can insert new fingers to facilitate unlocking.

In the following walkthrough, see how to register new digital ones in the Galaxy J7 Pro biometric sensor. The function can also be used to allow close people to have unrestricted access to your cell phone.

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Step 1. Access your phone settings and tap "Lock screen and Security".

Access lock and security settings

Step 2. Then touch "Fingerprint reader" and confirm your unlock pattern or PIN password. Then touch "Add fingerprint".

Adding fingerprint

Step 3. Place your finger on the sensor. Lift and tap lightly on it several times. In the middle of the process, you will be asked to adjust the finger for better digital recognition. Touch "Continue" and end the registration. When done, touch "OK" or "Add" to insert new fingers.

Register the desired finger

How to remove a digital

If you want to remove a registered digital, go back to the options of the biometric reader (steps 1 and 2) and touch "Edit". On the left, select the digital one you want to delete and touch "Remove".

Removing a Registered Fingerprint

Ready! Enjoy the tips to register new fingers in the Galaxy J7 Pro biometric reader and have more options to unlock your cell phone.

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