How to register fingerprint on Moto Z3 Play

The fingerprint reader is one of the main novelties of Moto Z3 Play. Located just below the volume buttons, the feature recognizes up to five different fingers and allows you to unlock the device with just a touch of the sensor. In addition to making the user faster, biometrics also adds more security to the system, since it works in tandem with traditional Android passwords.

However, to unlock the Moto Z3 Play with your fingerprints, just like on every smartphone, you need to register them first. In the following tutorial, TechTudo details all the steps needed to use biometrics at Motorola's launch.

Biometrics allows you to unlock the handset and applications with just one touch; see how to use

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Step 1. In the settings screen of your Moto Z3 Play, select the option "Security and location". Then touch "Fingerprint".

Step 2. Select "Set Up Fingerprint" and enter your password, pattern, or unlock PIN. In cases where the device does not have any of these protection methods enabled, you must choose one before proceeding.

To continue, enter or define an alternate method of deblocking

Step 3. On the next screen, if you needed to set a PIN, PIN, or pattern in the previous step, your smartphone will also ask you whether or not to display the contents of the notifications on the lock screen. In this case, just select the option of your preference and touch "Done".

When setting a password, PIN, or pattern, also adjust the privacy of your notifications

Step 4. After completing all the steps above, locate and touch the digital reader on the side of the device. Just as the system itself indicates, you can find the sensor just below the volume keys.

After locating the sensor, touch it once to proceed.

Step 5. On the next screen, before touching the "start" option and finally starting the digital signatures, make sure that the sensor and your finger are clean. In addition, to ensure the success of the procedure, hold the smartphone in the normal use position.

Step 6. Once the registration process has started, follow the recommendations on the screen and touch the sensor as many times as necessary. At the end of the procedure, your smartphone will automatically proceed to the next screen.

During registration, also be aware of the instructions displayed on the screen

Step 7. With the fingerprint already added, you can end the procedure by tapping "Done". However, if you want to register more fingerprints, yours or others, just touch "Add another".

At the end of the procedure, you can add another digital one

Ready! After finalizing the registration of a digital one, it is already possible to use it to unlock the device and applications.

To add, delete, or rename digital

In the future, if you want to add other digital or even manage the ones that are registered, just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Again in the "Security and Location" settings, touch the "Fingerprint" option and enter your password, PIN, or pattern.

Step 2. In the next screen, in addition to being able to exclude the fingerprints registered, you can also rename them. To do this, simply touch the name of one of them and change the description.

In addition to excluding a registered impression, you can also rename it

Step 3. On this same screen, the system also allows you to add new fingerprints. However, remember that you can only register up to five fingers.

By default, the system does not allow you to register more than five digital

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