How to register a landline in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business, the business version of the messenger, allows you to use a landline to create an account. The process is pretty much the same as using a cell phone. However, you must receive the verification code per phone call to landline for the account to be created. Once this is done, the messenger will work on the cell phone normally receiving alerts and phone calls from customers.

The tip is ideal for ventures that do not use a cell phone as a way of contacting but want to receive direct messages from customers on a smartphone. It is worth remembering that this version of the messenger is, so far, only for users of Android smartphones.

Tutorial shows how to create a WhatsApp Business account with a landline phone

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Step 1. Open WhatsApp Business and tap the "Agree and continue" option. Then enter the area code and landline. To proceed, touch "Next".

Option to start a registration in WhatsApp Business using a landline

Step 2. At the number confirmation screen, tap "OK". Then, let the SMS countdown finish and tap "Call Me".

Option to receive a link to the WhatsApp Business verification code

Step 3. You will receive a call on the landline with the verification code. Listen to the code and type in the indicated location. In a moment, your account will be created and you can define the name of your company. Then tap "Next".

Option to confirm the creation of a WhatsApp Business account

Step 4. To finish, please confirm your account name to access the messenger home screen.

Confirmation screen for a new WhatsApp Business account

Use the tip to have a WhatsApp Business account without owning a mobile phone as a contact for your venture.

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