How to remove or insert the legend of Samsung smart TV

Taking or placing the legend of Samsung smart TV is possible with a few simple steps. Called "closed caption", the accessibility function is essential for the hearing impaired. The caption can also be useful for watching TV without sound in environments such as clinics, hospitals or libraries. The feature is usually disabled, but some users may inadvertently enable it.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to put caption or disable closed caption on Samsung TVs. The procedure was performed on a smart TV (model 40FH6203), but the tips are valid for other devices of the brand, including those that are not smart.

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Step 1. On the TV's remote control, press the "Menu" button to access the settings;

Press the menu button on the remote control

Step 2. Select the "Transmission" tab and press Enter;

Access broadcast settings

Step 3. Now in the right column, go to "Closed Caption";

Open caption settings

Step 4. Under "Caption", press Enter again;

Setting caption display

Step 5. Finally, select the "On" or "Off" option to enable or disable the TV legend.

Enabling or disabling captions

Ready! Use the tips to set up your TV's hidden subtitle.