How to remove the Sony Xperia Cell Info

The "Cell Info" notification can become a nuisance for Sony Xperia handset owners. This is because, in addition to displaying no information - occupying unnecessary space in the device status bar - the alert is displayed every time the device is turned on and, unlike other system notifications, it can not be blocked or even ignored.

However, the following method allows you to hide the notification provisionally - until the device restarts. Although the procedure has been performed on a Xperia XZ Premium running Android O, the steps can be played on any device of the brand.

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Step 1. Access your smartphone settings through the "Configure" icon. Then go to the "Apps & notifications" section.

and notifications "

Step 2. Proceed to "App Information". In the next screen, the interface will list all applications installed on the device.

Step 3. Select the three-point button in the corner of the screen. Then tap the "Show system" option. This will cause the interface to also show the handset's native apps.

system "to also view the manufacturer's applications

Step 4. In the alphabetically ordered list, search for the "Cell Info" app. Touch it.

of cell "

Step 5. Within the application settings, press the "Force stop" option. Soon, the "Cell info" icon will disappear from your notification bar.

After forcing the application to stop, the notification will no longer be displayed - unless the device is restarted

After completing the above step, just leave the settings screen to complete the procedure. The "Cell Info" notification will only be displayed again if you restart the device;

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