How to report fake news about elections in Facebook posts

Facebook has a function to denounce posts that spread fake news in Brazil about the 2018 Elections. Concealed in the feedback and publication options, the tool is a form offered by the social network to prevent false news about candidates and the electoral process from being disseminated freely and can disrupt democracy. The action is performed anonymously and the whistleblower data is not displayed to the user. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to use the option to report fake news on social networks.

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Learn how to report fake news from the 2018 Elections on Facebook

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Step 1. When a post with fake news about the elections in your feed appears, select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner;

Action to view options for a Facebook post

Step 2. Access the option "Give feedback about this publication";

Action to view options for feedback on a Facebook post

Step 3. Select "Incorrect Voting Information" and press the "Submit" button;

Action to report a fake news about voting information in a Facebook post

Step 4. Facebook will make suggestions to avoid contact with the person through blocking actions, message so that the person reflects on what he has posted and, even, finalize the friendship. To finish, press the "Finish" button in the lower right corner.

Suggestions to stop interacting with a contact who spreads fake news on Facebook

Take advantage of the tip to ensure more legitimacy among the information circulating on Facebook about the 2018 Elections.

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