How to report fake news on Facebook posts

Facebook allows you to post a fake news post, either by sharing a friend or other person on the platform. The feature is "hidden" in the option for feedback of posts and is another initiative of the social network to avoid the growing number of rumors spread on the web. The service preserves the identity of the complainant and suggests that the friendship with the person who posted the lie is either undone or blocked. Most fake news are used to defame the image of people, spread hate speeches and false denunciations about politicians, especially during the elections.

Facebook also invests in other actions such as user reputation analysis, fake news combat projects in Brazil and changes in how to publish in Pages. In addition, the platform has a partnership with Unicef ​​for the sake of web security. To know how to report fake news in Brazil from Facebook, see the following tutorial.

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Tutorial shows how to report fake news on other Facebook users posts

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Step 1. Access Facebook and click on the three-point link in the upper right corner of the post to be reported as fake news;

Check out the options for a friend post in the Facebook news feed

Step 2. Click on the option "Give feedback about this publication";

Report problems in a Facebook post

Step 3. Select the "False News" option and click the "Submit" button;

Post a Facebook post that brings a fake news

Step 4. Facebook will show suggestions to stop seeing new posts of the person. However, this is only possible through other procedures. Finally, to end the false news report, tap the "Finish" button.

Finish the fake news indication in a Facebook post

Ready. Use the tip to help Facebook identify fake news and the profiles where those content are shared.

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