How to report fake news on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a function that allows to denounce any user for messages considered undue within the platform, such as fake news . The feature is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones and also in the web version. In this way, you can tell the service about sharing fake news, whether in an individual conversation or in groups. After the action, the person reported may be banned for violating the terms of use, as assessed by WhatsApp.

The tool helps the platform find profiles that are responsible for spreading harmful content, such as dubious messages or even spam - understand the WhatsApp guidelines on the link ( Engagement is important as the application does not have access to data shared by users, as it uses end-to-end encryption. Another recommendation is to send prints to assist in the analysis of the complaint.

How to tell if news is fake news

Learn how to report fake news and inappropriate messages in WhatsApp

In addition, the platform announced in July this year the first investment in research to combat fake news and, in the same effort, established a limit for the sharing of messages in Brazil since August. Check below how to report fake news and messages or inappropriate content in WhatsApp in the mobile and PC versions. The procedure was performed on the Windows operating system, but also works on macOS computers.

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On android

Step 1. With the conversation open, tap the three dots. Then select "More";

Reporting a profile for sending fake news or inappropriate messages to WhatsApp

Step 2. Click the "Report" option. At this point, a small window will appear on the screen to confirm the action. If you want, block the contact and delete the messages from the conversation. Already in groups, you will also be removed from that chat. End the report by clicking Report.

In addition to reporting, you can block the contact in WhatsApp

On the iPhone

Step 1. Tap the name of the person or group to open the profile with options. Scroll down and select "Report". Then choose whether you want to block the contact as well. As with Android, the message history will be deleted.

Reporting a profile on WhatsApp for sending fake news or offensive content

In whatsapp web

Step 1. Go to the person's name or use the three-dot option at the top right of the window. Then select the "Contact info" option;

Report a contact by fake news on the web version of WhatsApp

Step 2. A tab will display the recipient's information. To report fake content, go to the end of the column and click on "Report contact";

Step 3. Just like in Android, in the context window, check the item if you want to block the user and delete the messages from the conversation. Finally, click on "Report".

Report a user on the WhatsApp Web for misconduct, such as the disclosure of false information

Reporting to WhatsApp's "Contact Us"

WhatsApp offers another way to report false news via app settings. Contacting TechTudo, the messenger's advisor explained how the feature works. "It's important to remember that WhatsApp is unable to access users' messages under any circumstances due to end-to-end encryption, so it's important to provide as much detail as possible, including screenshots, that can help assess the reason for the" . Here's how to use the "Contact Us" below.

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" option at the bottom of the app, and click "Contact Us";

with us "from WhatsApp to report fake news

Step 2. In this section, the user should describe the details of the problem, including information about fake news being disclosed. It is possible - and indicated - to add screen prints that prove the messages with the false news. You can also view tips to avoid spreading rumors. When you have finished filling in, tap "Next";

WhatsApp: learn how to report fake news in the app

Step 3. The email app on your phone will open automatically, with the report you described and the attached screenshots. Finally, just click on "Submit" and wait for the response from WhatsApp.

Send email to WhatsApp with fake news report

Ready. Take advantage of the tip and make WhatsApp a safer environment by reporting an account for the release of fake news .

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