How to report misleading advertising on Black Friday 2018 is an online platform created by the Federal Government to help consumers solve problems with physical and online shopping. During the Black Friday period, users can access the site to report deceptive advertisements, fraudulent price ads, and unfulfilled offers. Just as it happens in the Complaint Here, companies come in contact with consumers through the site and try to solve the problem without burrocracy.

READ: When is Black Friday 2018? Learn all about the promotions event counts on voluntarily registered companies that have committed to analyze all the requests made by consumers. In order for a complaint to be terminated, the company must be on the platform partner list. The site has the collaboration of companies that work in different sectors, such as department stores, book publishers, manufacturers of electronic products, supermarkets, travel agencies and famous sites that offer products of various brands. Here's how to start a complaint and report misleading ads during Black Friday 2018.

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Step 1. Go to and click on the search bar;

Action to use the search tool of the site to consult a company

Step 2. Enter the company name and click on the corresponding result in the search;

Action to choose a company to start a Black Friday product complaint on the site

Step 3. At this point, click on the "Register Claim" button;

Action to register a new Black Friday product complaint using the site

Step 4. Inform if you searched the company, if the ad was found on the Internet, area of ​​action and type of product in "Subject". To continue, click the "Select" option in the "Problem" item;

Initial settings for a Black Friday product complaint at

Step 5. Choose the option "Unfulfilled offer / service not provided / misleading sale, misleading advertising";

Action to define the type of problem found in a Black Friday product announcement on the site

Step 6. If you have made a purchase, enter the invoice number, date of purchase, model and manufacturer of the product. Also, enter a text stating your indignation with the store;

Action to present information about a product purchase in a complaint on the site

Step 7. Describe what you want with your complaint. You can, for example, ask for the money back or set a more elaborate complaint about a misleading advertisement;

Action to define which order will be set for the company in a Black Friday product complaint made by the site

Step 8. You can also attach files like prints, documents and other vouchers that favor your claim. When finished, click the "Next" button;

Action to attach files and advance to the definition of a Black Friday product complaint on the site

Step 9. Log in to the site if you have a registration to continue the complaint. Being your first time on the platform, click on "Register" and create an account to end the complaint;

Login screen and user registration of the site

Step 10. After logging in, simply register your complaint with the "Confirm" button.

Action to terminate a Black Friday product complaint on the site

You will be notified by email when the company responds to your request.

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