How to request and download your data at Uber

Uber allows you to request information from users in a simple and practical way. The data can be requested by the app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) and have travel histories, location, contacts with drivers, among others, according to the use of the application. It is worth mentioning, however, that the files will not be deleted from the service after the procedure.

In the following tutorial, TechTudo shows you how to request your data on Uber. According to the company, "it takes 2 business days to compile your data", which will be sent by email as soon as everything is ready. However, during our tests, the notification arrived within hours of the request. The procedure was performed on Android O (8.0).

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See how to request your data from Uber

Step 1. Open the Uber app as usual and tap on the icon formed by three horizontal lines on the upper left side of the display to access service options. Then go to "Help."

Go to Help on the Uber app

Step 2. Then select the "More" option and then "Legal issues, privacy and other questions."

Step 3. On the next screen, tap on "How to download your data" and press on the link "Request your data" made available by the service.

download your data "from the app to Uber

Step 4. You will be directed to the company's website and you must enter the e-mail or telephone number registered in Uber and go to "Next". You will need to confirm the identity in the box beside the text "I am not a robot" and follow the process in "Next" again.

Enter the e-mail or mobile number registered in Uber

Step 5. For your security, you will need to enter the password used in the app and continue to "Next". The service will send a confirmation code via SMS to the registered smartphone number. After receiving it, enter the four digits, then go to "Verify".

Enter the verification code sent by Uber

Step 6. Then, you will finally be directed to the page to ask for the information that Uber gathers in the service. To do so, touch "Request my data". The service will then confirm the request.

Requesting the data to Uber

After that, you will have to wait for an email or SMS informing when the data will be available for download.

How to download Uber data

Step 1. When you receive the Uber email, open the message and touch the button with the text "Go to download page". Once again, you will need to enter the access password for the transport service app and confirm "Next".

Uber sends downlod data link by email or SMS

Step 2. You will be directed to the data download page. Touch "Download Data" to start the process. The file will be downloaded to your smartphone or computer and divided into folders. It is worth mentioning that the documents are in CSV format and you may need a specific app to read the files, such as Files Go.

Downloading data from Uber

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