How to request a refund on iFood

Request refund from iFood is in doubt about the delivery application. The feature is useful in cases of charging after delivery problems, bugs in the application of discount coupon and cancellation of purchase, among others. The procedure is performed by the platform website and is similar for all forms of payment within the app - such as credit card, MasterPass, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

In this tutorial, see how to access the iFood contact page for your iFood refund request, which will review the case and respond via email. Check out the step by step in the following lines.

Learn how to request a refund of an order on iFood

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Step 1. In the web browser, go to the iFood website ( ) and click on the "Enter or Register" button.

Click the login button on the homepage of the iFood site

Step 2. In the "I am already registered" part, enter your login and password and click "Enter" - or press the "Sign in with Facebook" button if your iFood account was created with the social network login.

Sign in to the iFood website

Step 3. Access the iFood contact page ( ), which will be filled with your name, email and phone number. Click the "What do you want to talk about?" and select the "Payment" option.

Step 4. Click "Reason" and select the option that suits your situation. In this tutorial, we chose "I've had an undue charge, " which can be applied to several different occasions.

Choice of Reason for Reversal Request on iFood

Step 5. Under "Order" select the order on which you want to request a refund. The website displays the last three restaurants, indicating the date and name of the establishment. If the order is not in the list, select "Other" and then enter the purchase number in the corresponding field.

Select the order to request reimbursement from iFood

Step 6. Write the details of the reason why you are requesting a reversal in the "Description" field. At the end, press the "Send" button.

Step 7. The site will display the message "Your question / suggestion has been sent!". Click "Ok" to close the box and return to the iFood main page. The contact about your request will be made by email.

Done, your request for a refund was requested

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