How to Reset Computer BIOS Settings

The computer BIOS provides basic information for the hardware and operating system to work. Normally, it has an interface in English and should be controlled only by the keyboard. This may cause users with little or no language experience to make the wrong changes. As a result, the PC may stop working properly - failure to boot or devices are no longer recognized, for example.

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If you are experiencing this situation, check out the following tutorial and learn how to restore your computer's BIOS settings back to factory settings. The steps were done on an Acer notebook, but the procedure is the same on PCs from other brands and manufacturers, both on laptops and desktops.

Learn how to restore BIOS settings

Step 1. Access the computer's BIOS. For this, in the case of Acer, just press the "F2" key during PC startup. Other brands may have different shortcuts;

Use the F2 key to access the BIOS

Step 2. Now on the BIOS screen, press the "F9" key to restore the default settings. Again, the shortcut may change depending on the manufacturer of the computer. In this case, search for the keyword "Default" in the legend to find the correct key;

Restoring BIOS Settings

Step 3. Next, a confirmation message will be displayed. From there, select "Yes" or "OK", depending on the brand of your PC, and press Enter;

Confirm that you want to reset the settings

Step 4. Finally, just save and restart the computer. To do this, press the "F10" and Enter key to confirm. In some cases, to exit the BIOS, it may be necessary to key in "Esc" and confirm that you want to save the changes.

Save the settings and restart the computer

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to undo changes made by accident in your computer's BIOS and troubleshoot.

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