How to revive a Sim in The Sims 4 with secret code or recipe

Sims can die in many ways on The Sims 4, whether it's natural, emotional or even unexpected weather. However, even if the worst happens, your character can still come back to life. Check out this guide with three ways to revive a Sim in PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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Ambrosia is a food with special attributes since The Sims 3. It is able to rejuvenate a Sim and resurrect the dead. The recipe, however, can be a bit tricky because of the rarity of its ingredients - especially the Flower of Death. Sim should also get the maximum level in culinary skills to unlock your preparation.

Ambrosia is a special dish capable of bringing the Sims back to life in The Sims 4


  • Acará Flag: unusual fish obtained on the Willow Creek River;
  • Flower of Death: born from the graft of a Pomegranate and an Orchid;
  • Youth Potion: purchased at the Rewards Store for 1500;


  • Maximum level (10) of Cooking skill
  • Maximum level (10) in Gourmet skill
  • Level 7 in Gardening (to produce the Flower of Death);

Method of preparation:

With all the ingredients in the inventory, click on the refrigerator and select the "Prepare a gourmet meal" option and then the Ambrosia recipe.

Ambrosia recipe is in The Sims 4 gourmet options

After that, send the ghost to eat the ragweed to revive. To have control of the deceased Sim, add him as a member of your family. Talk to the character until the friendship level is at 95%, then use the "Invite to Family / Group in friendly options." This way, you will be able to control it normally.

The Sim Ghost must eat the Ambrosia to revive in The Sims 4


Want a faster, more practical method to resuscitate a Sim? Use cheats to disable a specific type of death. When typing the code, Sim will no longer be a ghost instantly. Remember that to function, the ghost must be a member of your family. Select Yes by clicking on the icon of your head, then put the code.

To use cheats, type CTRL + SHIFT + C on Windows, COMMAND + SHIFT + C on Mac, L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 on PS4 or LB + RB + LT + RT on Xbox One. Use the "testcheats true" before the codes work.

CodeIt is made
traits.remove_trait angerrevives the Sim killed by hunger
traits.remove_trait cowplantrevives the Sim killed by the Cow Plant
traits.remove_trait drownrevives the Sim killed by drowning
traits.remove_trait electrocutionrevives the electrocuted Sim
traits.remove_trait embarrassmentrevive the Sim dead with shame
traits.remove_trait firerevive Sim burnt
traits.remove_trait hungerrevives the Sim killed by hunger
traits.remove_trait laughrevives the Sim killed by hysteria
traits.remove_trait oldagerevives the Sim killed for old age
traits.remove_trait exhaustrevives the Sim dead from exhaustion
traits.remove_trait steamrevives the Sim killed by steam
traits.remove_trait poisonrevives the Sim killed by poisoning
traits.remove_trait Ghost_Overheatrevives Sim killed from overheating
traits.remove_trait Ghost_Frozenrevives the Sim killed by freezing
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