How to save Twitter GIF? Learn how to download animated images

To save Twitter GIFs from the PC, you need to use the EZGIF tool, since the microblog does not offer a native solution for downloading. The message platform does not allow copying GIFs from tweets, so the only alternative is "retuite", that is, reproduce the content of the original author. But with EZGIF, you can save the image by keeping the GIF format. Check out the following tutorial how to download GIFs posted on Twitter to save them or use them on other social networks.

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Twitter on the computer

Step 1. Copy the link (URL) of the tweet with the GIF to be used;

Copy the tweet link with the chosen GIF

Step 2. Go to the EZGIF website and go to "Video to GIF";

Access the EZGIF to download the GIF posted on Twitter

Step 3. Paste the link of the tweet in the field "OR paste video url" and select the button "Upload video!";

Twitter GIF to be uploaded to EZGIF website

Step 4. The GIF will appear in video format. Scroll down the screen and click on the "Convert GIF!" Button so that it is transformed into animation;

Convert the GIF file on the EZGIF site to save it on the PC

Step 5. Click the "Save" button to save to your computer. The file will be downloaded automatically;

Save the EZGIF file to your computer

Step 6. Go back to Twitter and open a new tweet. Click the "Add Photos or Video" button and choose the saved GIF.

Select the saved GIF in the PC and include in a new tweet

Step 7. Okay, the GIF will already appear in the post. Now just type the text and post.

New tweet with GIF

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