How to scan, add, and share Snapchat snapcodes

Snapchat has a feature that makes it easy to add and be added by friends. This is the snapcode, a kind of QR code that can be scanned by the social network app. That way, just a few touches on the screen to add a friend without having to type and search for the username as done on Facebook.

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There are two ways to scan a snapcode: using the camera or saved images in the phone photo gallery. The first option allows you to scan the snapcode on the screen of a friend's cell phone or computer. Already the second alternative is useful when someone sends a snapcode for WhatsApp, for example. The tips work in the app for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

Snapchat: Learn how to use the snapcode to add friends

Scanning and adding friends with snapcode

Step 1. To scan using the camera phone, just open the Snapchat and point to the snapcode. Then touch the screen and hold your finger for a moment. Finally, just touch "Add friend";

Scanning a snapcode with the camera

Step 2. If you received your friend's snapcode per message in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you can scan the photos from the gallery on your phone. To do this, take a print from the screen or save the image in the photo library. Now open the Snapchat and touch the app icon or your bitimoji in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap "Add Friends";

Open the tools to add friends

Step 3. Then touch "Snapcode" and note that your photos will be displayed. Look for the image of the snapcode you want to add and tap on it;

Scanning a snapcode in the mobile gallery

Step 4. Finally, just touch "Add friend". A confirmation message will tell you that the person has been added successfully.

Adding friend by scanned snapcode

Sharing your snapcode

You can also send your snapcode to friends using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other messengers.

Step 1. Open Snapchat and touch the app icon or your bitimoji in the upper left corner of the screen. Then touch the settings icon in the upper right corner;

Access Snapchat settings

Step 6. In the social network settings, go to "Snapcodes" and touch "My Snapcodes";

Open your snapcodes

Step 7. Touch "My Snapcode", and then tap "Save to Camera Roll". That way, your snapcode will be saved as a photo in your image gallery and you'll be able to share it with anyone you want.

Saving your snapcode in the mobile gallery

Ready! Enjoy the tips to use the snapcode to add and be added by your friends easily in Snapchat.

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