How to scan documents in mobile with Adobe scan

Adobe Scan is an application from the Photoshop maker for Android and iPhone (iOS) that lets you use your camera's camera to scan physical documents. The difference lies in the automatic text recognition (OCR) function, which can identify words and numbers in photographs. The app saves scanned documents in the cloud and lets you retrieve them on another device. I see in the tutorial how to scan documents on the smartphone with the Adobe tool.

Adobe Scan helps you scan documents

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Step 1. When you open the app, the camera starts searching for live documents to scan. Wait for automatic capture or tap the center button to shoot. Then you have two options: continue taking pictures or touch the button in the right corner to edit.

Scan documents using your camera phone

Step 2. The application cuts and optimizes the scanned image automatically, but you can adjust the edges manually in the crop tool.

Adjust the edges with the cutting tool

Step 3. If you want to include more pages in the same scan, touch the image icon to re-capture with the camera or import photos from the gallery.

Import images from the gallery or camera into the same document

Step 4. When finalizing the scan, use the reordering tool to change the position of the pages in the document.

Adjust page order

Step 5. Touch the top to rename the file. Finally, touch "Save PDF".

Change the title of the file and save as PDF

Step 6. The newly created document is in the "Recent" tab. Once the PDF is finalized, Adobe Scan begins transferring the file to the cloud to extract the text present in the images. Make sure your phone is active and wait for the end of the process. When the extraction is finished, touch the file to open it. The identified texts must be available to select and copy. Use the function to transfer words and numbers from physical documents to notes on your phone.

Wait for the end of the OCR process in the document to copy texts

Step 7. A document stored in Adobe Scan can be retrieved in another cell with the same logged in account. You can also use the sharing function to send the PDF via email and other apps. The "Share link" option uses Adobe's own cloud to store files online at no cost.

Share PDF using other apps

Step 8. From any Adobe Scan screen, use the "plus" button to start a new scan, either with images that are captured on the fly or already in the smartphone gallery.

Perform a new scan in Adobe Scan

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