How to schedule an Amil medical appointment by mobile

Amil's clients have the option to schedule an appointment or an examination with some of the professionals accredited to the health plan directly by the smartphone. You can select doctors by location, specialty, and available times. If you use the Amil Clients app, check out how to do a very practical scheduling.

The test procedures were performed on a Xiaomi Mi A1, with Android 8.0, but are suitable for other phones. If this is your first time using the application, you will need to make a registration from the home screen, filling in the date of birth, e-mail, CPF or plan card number and creating a new password.

Amil Client application allows doctors to find and mark appointments

How to find Amil doctor by cell phone

Scheduling an Inquiry

Step 1. Access the Amil Clients application. From the home screen, touch the "Schedule" button and then "Schedule appointment".

Visit the app scheduling section

Step 2. Now it's time to select the filters for your search for a query. Choose an option for each field. In "Status", for example, touch "Choose status" and, in the screen that will appear, select the state where you want to be answered. Repeat the same process with the other fields.

Fill in all the fields to refine your search

Step 3. With all the options completed, as in the example below, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Search".

With full specs, tap 'Search'

Step 4. The app will show you all the alternatives of available dates and times in the desired location, as well as other possibilities nearby. Select your preferences: first the date and then the exact time.

Choose the date and time of your preference

Step 5. Finally, verify the information of your query and, if everything is correct, press the "Confirm my schedule" button.

Check the information and confirm the query

Scheduling an exam

The steps to mark an in-app exam are very similar to those in the query.

Step 1. From the start screen, choose "Schedule" and then "Schedule examination".

Visit the App Scheduling section

Step 2. As in the second step of the previous part, fill in each of the fields with the desired specifications. The only field that works a little differently is the "Exam". When you access it, you will need to do a search by name or code. Type what you need and select "Search". A list of alternatives will be displayed; click the appropriate one. Finally, tap "Select Exam".

Choose each option to search

Step 3. Back to the screen with the search filters, just do the same procedures explained above: complete the fields, search, select date and time and confirm the schedule.

In the field of the type of examination, it is necessary to search by name or code

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