How to see on the map the free Wi-Fi networks closer to you

Finding free Wi-Fi networks is made easier with the Datally Android app. It brings a tool to view the open connections on the map. The feature is ideal for people who are out of network or who want to save the 4G / 3G data franchise. The app also offers the option to follow routes to the network point with Waze or Google Maps.

Datally is a free Google app with more than 10 million downloads counted in the Play Store - even the number of famous Instabridge stores in the store. To learn how to access the Datally Wi-Fi site map, check out the next step. In this tutorial, we use a Moto C Plus smartphone running Android 7 system.

Tutorial shows you how to find Wi-Fi networks with the Datally application

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Step 1. Open the application and tap the "Open access to use" option. Then tap "OK" to be redirected to the Android settings.

Action to access Datally settings on Android

Step 2. Touch the application description and activate it on the following page, as shown in the image below.

Action to enable Datally in Android settings

Step 3. Tap "Yes, I agree" or "No thanks" and choose a mobile carrier.

Action to configure the phone in the Datally Google app

Step 4. Choose between "Prepaid" and "Postpaid, " according to your plan, and tap "Next". From the app's home screen, access the "Find Wi-Fi" feature.

Option to find Si-Fi networks in Datally application home screen

Step 5. Touch the "Allow" option so that Datally has access to your smartphone's location. Then Wi-Fi networks will be listed. Touch one of them to continue.

Action to verify a Wi-Fi location in the Datally application

Step 6. Check the location description and tap "View routes". Once this is done, choose a route application to be directed to the location.

Action to start a route to a Wi-Fi network found through the Datally application

Step 7. In this test, we use Google Maps as an example. Tap "Routes" and in the next window choose "Start".

Action to start a route to a Wi-Fi enabled location found with the Datally app

Step 8. Follow the route, and when you get to the place, open the Android settings.

Action to get to a Wi-Fi enabled site found with the Datally app

Step 9. Touch "Wi-Fi". In the list of wireless networks, select the network of the establishment to continue.

Action to open the connection screen of an open Wi-Fi network found with the Datally app

Step 10. Enter the network password on the property and tap "Connect."

Action to connect to a Wi-Fi network found through the Datally application

Use the hint to find a network to connect your smartphone and save your carrier's data plan.

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