How to see your sign forecast for 2019 with the Daily Horoscope app

The Daily Horoscope application provides the prediction of stars for the lives of users according to the signs of the zodiac. The free app is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, and offers forecasts for the areas of work, love, health and money, plus the expectations of each sign for the day, week, month and year. Interested parties can also share the results with friends on social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Among other features, the exoteric platform also provides the Moon forecast, lucky cookies and the lucky number of the day. Here's how to see the forecast of your sign for the year 2019 and what to expect for this year according to the stars. The tutorial was done on an Apple iPhone, but the procedure is the same on devices with Google's operating system.

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Daily Horoscope shows what each sign can expect for 2019 according to the stars

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Step 1. Install the Daily Horoscope through the page. Open the application and tap "Select Horoscope" to enter your sign. Then enter your date of birth and go to "Continue";

Access your sign prediction according to your date of birth in the Daily Horoscope app

Step 2. Tap your sign to open the predictions. See the stars' prediction for the current day;

Daily Horoscope application shows predictions for all signs

Step 3. To find out what to expect in 2019, slide the date merry-go-round until you reach the "Annual" tab;

See the 2019 prediction for zodiac signs with the Daily Horoscope app

Step 4. If you want to send the result to social networks, touch the "Share with friends" button. Then select the desired network.

Share your prediction for 2019 on social networks

Ready. Take the hint to know what the stars are predicting for your life in 2019 with the Daily Horoscope app.

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