How to send and receive files over Bluetooth on Android

Sending files via Bluetooth on Android is very handy. In addition to connecting with headphones and speakers, the technology also serves to send photos, videos and documents saved on Android. The feature can be useful at times when you want to swap media, but there is no Wi-Fi or mobile data plan available.

To learn how to exchange files with your friends, TechTudo will teach you in the next step. Check out the tutorial and spend less Internet with file transfers on your smartphone.

Here's how to send and receive files over Bluetooth on Android

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Send files

Step 1. Enable the Bluetooth of the device you want to send the file to. To do this, drag the status bar down and touch "Bluetooth". Turn on connectivity, wait a few seconds for the phone to find the other device, and then touch it.

Activating Bluetooth on Android

Step 2. A message with a numeric code will appear on both devices. Press the "Pair" button (if in English) and do the same on the other phone.

Pairing code via Bluetooth on Android and on another cell phone

Step 3. Open the file you want to send on Android. Click the sharing button, and then select "Bluetooth".

File sharing button via Bluetooth on Android

Step 4. Android will display all devices currently paired via Bluetooth. Touch the name of the phone to select it. A message will appear on the target device asking if the person accepts receiving the file. Click on "Accept" (or "Accept") to proceed.

Authorization message for receiving the file via Bluetooth on the receiving device

Step 5. The procedure for sending via Bluetooth will start as soon as the request is accepted on the other device. At the end, the file will appear in the Bluetooth transfer list of the smartphone that received the media.

File uploaded from Android to another phone via Bluetooth

Receive files

Step 1. With paired devices, as soon as someone sends you a file via Bluetooth on Android, a notification will appear. Expand the notification and click "Accept." The transfer will start immediately.

Acceptance to receive file from another device via Bluetooth on Android

Step 2. When the file is downloaded, it will appear in the "Received downloads" list, accessible through the Android Bluetooth menu. Just touch it and choose the most suitable app to open - in this case, because it is a photo, the media has been opened with Google Photos.

Photo received by Bluetooth on Android

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