How to send your location before the Samsung cell phone battery runs out

Samsung phones have a built-in search feature that saves the device's last known location before the battery runs out. The feature, which is disabled by default, can help the user find a stolen or lost phone. The information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed remotely over the Internet.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to enable sending the last known location and tracking your cell phone. The procedure was performed on a Galaxy J7 Pro with Android 7.1, but the step-by-step is the same on other Samsung handsets.

Learn to enable sending the last known location on your phone and track it

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Step 1. Access the system settings and tap "Lock screen and Security".

Open security settings

Step 2. Open "Search for my phone" and finally activate the "Send last location" option.

Enabling last location upload

How to Trace

Step 1. To scan your phone, go to Samsung's tracking website ( Click "Sign In" and sign in to your account. If you're using the service for the first time, you'll need to agree to the terms of use to continue.

Access your Samsung account

Step 2. The last known location of the device will be displayed on the map. On the right, you can play an alarm sound on your phone, lock the device with a PIN or erase your personal data. Remember that commands will only run when the phone connects to the Internet.

Samsung cell phone tracking

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to track your phone in case of loss or theft.

How to Trace Your Android Phone

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