How to share Instagram photos on your Facebook

Instagram lets you share any public post directly on your Facebook. You can republish posts, photos and videos of yourself, your friends or any other profile in your timeline in a simple way. The feature is useful for refilling images in which you have been tagged or disseminating interesting Instagram content to your Facebook contacts. It is worth remembering that, for this, it is necessary to link the Facebook account to Instagram.

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Step 1. With the photo open in Instagram, click on the three dots on the top bar. Then choose "Share to Facebook."

Open the options menu to share the Instagram photo

Step 2. A Facebook window will open inside Instagram. Type the caption you want in the "Say Something ..." field. You can also choose who will view the content on Facebook. To confirm the post, click "Publish."

Share the Instagram photo on Facebook

Ready! The posting will already appear on your Facebook timeline.

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