How to share Uber Eats promotional code and earn discount

Just like on Uber, the Uber Eats delivery application gives a promotional code to users registered on the Android and iPhone (iOS) platform. The individual coupon can be shared with friends and family who do not yet use the food delivery service. When the recipient uses the coupon for the first time, both earn a $ 5 discount - he on the current order, the owner of the next purchase sequence. Sharing can be done on key social networks and messengers such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The iFood rival and SpoonRocket's application offer aims to stimulate users' use of the service, boosted by payout benefits. The tutorial below teaches you how to find your special code in the Uber Eats application and send it to your contacts. The procedure was done on a Moto G5S Plus mobile with Android 8.1 Oreo, but also applies to other versions of Google's system and Apple devices.

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Learn how to share your promotional code on Uber Eats and earn a discount

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Step 1. Open Uber Eats and enter the profile tab. Then click on the "Get a $ 5 discount on your order" option;

Go to the Uber Eats app to get the promotional code

Step 2. The sequence will be highlighted within a rectangle. By tapping on it, you copy it to the clipboard and then you can send it in the chat window with a friend, for example. Uber Eats highlights Facebook and Instagram to share code, but it can be sent to contacts through other applications. To do this, go to "More options";

Copy the special rebate code in Uber Eats

Step 3. Choose the tool to route the code, select the contacts that will receive the message and press the send button in the destination app. The promotional coupon will be in the text submitted by Uber Eats.

Send the Uber Eats promotional coupon to WhatsApp

Ready. Take advantage of the tip, share your discount coupon and gain advantages in Uber Eats.

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