How to share Vivo's internet franchise with friends and relatives

Vivo's prepaid and control package customers can transfer part of the 4G Internet franchise to other numbers from the same operator. The completely free tool is accessible through the official My Vivo app for Android and iPhone (iOS). Loan installments range from 50MB to 1.5GB at a time.

See below, how to release part of your data franchise to another number registered at Vivo. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 6S and a Galaxy A5 (2017).

My Live App lets you send part of the Internet franchise to friends or family

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Step 1. Open the My Live app and enter your DDD followed by the phone number. Touch "Sign in". Then, wait for the access code to be sent by email.

In the first access, it is necessary to inform DDD and telephone number

Step 2. Copy the received code by SMS. Then paste it into My Live and select "Sign In".

Copy and paste the code sent by email

Step 3. Read the terms of use of the application and touch "I accept". On the main page, the app will display some options in the "Consumption" tab. Press the "Share internet with friends" option.

Internet with friends "

Step 4. Enter the phone number that will receive the internet franchise (with DDD) and press "Continue". Then just select the desired franchise. Among the options are: 50 MB, 100 MB, 250 MB, 1 GB and "all that I have".

Enter the DDD number of the device that will receive the Internet

Step 5. In the open window, confirm the selected option and the number by tapping "Yes" to. After that, press "Ok, thanks" to finish.

Confirm the operation on the next screen of My Live

You will receive an SMS notifying you that the procedure has been completed successfully. Your friend or relative will also be notified via a message.

My Vivo will send an SMS with the transaction confirmation

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