How to shop on iFood with Masterpass

The iFood accepts as one of the payment methods the Masterpass, the digital wallet of the Mastercard. The service is free and aims to expedite purchases online, saving the billing and delivery information on the device. In addition to practicality, the system offers exclusive discounts on the food delivery app.

The Masterpass option appears in both iFood for Android and iPhone (iOS) applications, depending only on the availability of the restaurant. The following tutorial teaches you how to make purchases from the digital payment, and was produced in a Moto G5S Plus with Android 7.1.1 system.

Here's how to enroll in Masterpass, the Mastercard digital portfolio

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Step 1. Choose your application in iFood - if you still do not know how to proceed, check out the steps in this tutorial. Once this is done, click the "Choose payment method" button and select the "Masterpass" option.

IFood app payment option information

Step 2. In the window that will open, touch the "Masterpass" button. Enter your email address in the text field and press "Sign In". If you have not yet registered for the service, choose the "Register" button and follow the tips in this tutorial before proceeding.

Masterpass login at iFood

Step 3. At the "Choose your portfolio" screen, slide your finger until you reach the "Masterpass" option. Touch it.

Masterpass portfolio selection within the iFood app

Step 4. Your email will be populated by the app itself. Enter the password created during the Masterpass registration, check the "Remember me on this device ..." box and press "Login". A confirmation code will be sent to your cell phone via SMS. Enter the number in the text field and tap "Continue."

Password insertion and Masterpass security code for iFood purchase

Step 5. Confirm the number of your card registered in the Masterpass and press "Continue". Now you just have to complete the purchase on iFood by tapping "Place order". In future purchases with Masterpass through the app, the system will remember your payment information.

Order on iFood paid with Masterpass

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