How to show that you are a blood donor on Facebook by mobile phone

Facebook has begun releasing the blood donation tool for Android and iPhone (iOS) applications. The function, developed in partnership with blood banks in various parts of the country, aims to facilitate the meeting between donors and institutions that need donations, in addition to increasing the overall number of collections.

Once registered on the Facebook platform, the user will receive notifications when a shortage is identified at a nearby post. Learn how to join the campaign in the following tutorial.

Learn how to show that you are a blood donor on Facebook on your mobile phone

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The units served for the time being are located in São Paulo (Pro-Sangue), Rio de Janeiro (HemoRio), Brasília (Hemocentro de Brasília), Santa Catarina (HemoSC), Ceará (HemoCE) and Pará (HemoPA). There is an intention to expand the project in the future.

Procedure on Android

Step 1. Open the Facebook app on your phone, go to your profile and go to "About." Scroll down to the "Blood donations" topic and tap "Add".

Access to Facebook's blood donation tool through the mobile app

Step 2. Press the "Join Now" button to start registering. On the next screen, choose your blood type. You can register as a donor without giving this information if you prefer.

Signing up as a blood donor on Facebook from the app

Step 3. The "Have you donated blood before?" is set by default as "Not yet." If you want to change the answer, touch the highlighted item and select the "Yes" option.

Change in response to question about previous blood donation in the Facebook app

Step 4. Tap the "Submit" button to complete the registration as a blood donor on Facebook. If you want to promote the campaign among your contacts, click on the "Invite friends" button.

Completion of registration as a blood donor on Facebook through the application

Step 5. Press the "Invite" button next to their contacts to send them a message through Messenger. If you want to make a Facebook post about the campaign, touch "Next" and edit the post, which will be served with an event.

Sharing the blood donation campaign via Messenger and Facebook post

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