How to sign up for a credit card for payments on Google Chrome

Google Chrome 69, launched in celebration of its 10-year browser, allows you to save personal and bank information such as physical address, contact data and credit cards for auto-completion on online purchase forms. The goal is to facilitate future operations and prevent the user from having to enter the financial information on the platform with each purchase. If you want, you can edit and delete this data at any time, with options native to the service.

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To register your information, you do not need to sign in with a Google account, but if you are interested in accessing your data, bank records can be used on all devices logged in with your account. Check out the following tutorial on how to register personal data and a credit card for payments in Google Chrome. The procedure can be done on Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems.

Google Chrome allows you to sign up credit cards to streamline payments online

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Step 1. Click the profile icon next to the address bar. Then choose the option "Forms of payment";

Access Google Chrome payment settings

Step 2. To fill in your personal information, tap the "Add" button, located in the "Addresses" section;

Add a mailing address in Google Chrome

Step 3. Fill in all the requested information: organization, name, full address, telephone and email. Then go to "Save" to finish;

Fill in all your address data to use for contact in Google Chrome

Step 4. To add a credit card, go to the "Forms of payment" topic and click the "Add" button;

Add a credit card for future payments in Google Chrome

Step 5. Complete the card details and click "Save";

Fill out printed credit card data on the Chrome platform

Step 6. To edit or delete any page information, press the three-dot icon next to the desired option. Then select "Edit" or "Remove" as needed;

Google Chrome allows you to edit or remove any personal or bank information

Step 8. If you'd like to disable automatic completion of this information in site forms, turn off the "Fill in form automatically" option.

Disable the autocomplete option to avoid entering information into Google Chrome forms

Ready. Take advantage of the tip to register your data and make purchases online faster and more practical in Google Chrome.

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