How to Sign Spotify with Debit Card

Spotify has launched in Brazil a new way to sign the Premium with debit card. The form of payment applies to any mode of service, including discounted versions for college students and the family plan (Spotify Family). Before, the streaming platform allowed to pay using only credit cards and boleto bancário. By opting for the subscription, you eliminate periodic advertisements in streaming and you can skip as many tracks as you want. Here's how to sign to unlock all of Spotify's features on the web and Android and iPhone (iOS) apps.

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Step 1. Access Spotify on the web and log in to your account.

Sign in to Spotify web

Step 2. Under "Account Overview, " click "Get Premium."

Access the Spotify Premium subscription menu

Step 3. In the window on the right, notice that the service offers, by default, only credit card payment. Click the bank icons on the side to enable debit card mode.

Select payment with debit card in Spotify

Step 4. Spotify accepts debit cards issued by Santander (Mastercard), Bradesco (Visa), Inter and Original banks. If you have one of these plastics, click "Continue".

Spotify debit card setup progress

Step 5. Complete the form with your personal information. Click "Continue" again.

Fill out the personal information form in Spotify

Step 6. Following, Spotify will request the debit card data. Fill out the form and proceed to allow Spotify to make a small charge to validate your subscription. The amount is reversed shortly thereafter. From there the service will be able to discount the monthly subscription amount of your account until it is canceled.

Enter debit card details in Spotify

Cell phone

Step 1. With your account already logged into Spotify, tap the "Premium" tab and select "Try Premium".

Access the Premium menu in the Spotify app

Step 2. Tap the bank symbols to access the debit card payment option. Proceed to "Continue".

Select payment with debit in Spotify

Step 3. Complete the form with your personal data and proceed to add the information on the card. At the end of Spotify you will make a small debit from your bank account to validate the transaction, reversing the value soon after. Following, Premium will be activated by charging monthly until the service is canceled.

Enter personal data and the card to finalize operation in Spotify

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