How to simulate Enem online in Descomplica

Descomplica allows free access to simulations of previous Enem years. The platform, which brings several tools to the exam students, offers four tests, each with 175 questions in total. Just choose a year, perform the test in the given time and check the result. Templates provide teacher video comments on each exercise question.

Descomplica is accessed through a quick login using an email address, Google data, or a Facebook account. Users can access simulations for the Enem in the year 2015, 2016 and 2017. To learn how to study for the Enem 2018 through the simulations of previous years of the exam, check out the next step.

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Tutorial shows how to study for the Enem with simulations of the Descomplica website

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Step 1. Access the simulation area of ​​Descomplica ( to see the login page. At this time, use a Google account, Facebook or access the tool with a registration previously configured for the platform. For this example, we will use the "Facebook" option to login through the social network;

Action to create a register on the Descomplica website

Step 2. Press the "Continue as (your Facebook username)" button;

Action to create a registration on the platform Decompress using a Facebook account

Step 3. Confirm your e-mail address and phone number. I then accept the terms of use and tick the "Create Account" option;

Action to finalize the creation of an account in the online platform of studies Descomplica

Step 4. Choose one of the simulated Enem offered by the site. Select one of the descriptions to proceed;

Screen to choose simulated Enem on platform decomposes

Step 5. To start the test, press the "Start Now" button;

Action to start an Enem simulation on the Descomplica online platform

Step 6. Select "Start" to view the issues;

Action to start a simulation of the Enem through the Descomplica website

Step 7. The questions will be presented on the screen, and you must use the mouse to choose the answers. On the right side of the screen, see the remaining time of the exercise and the completed question map;

Simulation screen for the Enem in the online platform Descomplica

Step 8. When you resolve all issues, press the "Finish" button;

Action to finalize a simulation in the online platform Descomplica

Step 9. The result is displayed at the top of the screen and in the question map. To understand your mistakes and get more explanations about the issues, watch the feedback video commented.

Hit screen and feedback commented on an Enem simulation of the Descomplica website

You can repeat the exercises or access other simulations to continue studying for the Enem through the Descomplica website.

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