How to speed up the playback of long audios in the Telegram

Telegram allows you to accelerate in-app audios for iPhone (iOS) and Android. The feature, which can be useful for those who receive long voice messages, speeds up the playback speed by twice (2x), making it possible to listen to the audio in half the time. In rival WhatsApp, you can do the same only in the web version, for computer, with the use of an unofficial plugin.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to speed up voicemails. The procedure was carried out in the version of the app for the Apple smartphone, but the tips are also valid for owners of Android. You need the latest version of the messenger - here's how to update your apps.

Learn how to speed up long audio playback on the Telegram

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Step 1. Play in the voice or audio message you received. Then touch the "2x" button in the upper right corner of the screen. The playback speed will be doubled - you can not choose an intermediate acceleration.

Accelerating audio playback on Telegram

Step 2. If you want to return to normal playback speed, simply tap the "2x" button again to turn off the acceleration.

Disabling Audio Acceleration

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