How to study for Enem using the Descomplica interactive template

Descomplica is an online platform that offers questions from previous Enem years with an interactive template. By accessing the test database, students can use search filters to open notebook issues and specific test days. The feedback page shows complete content, with questions, multiple choice answers, simple feedback, and a feedback from an educator on the subject.

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The interactive questions are offered with free access on the Descomplica website and are indicated to make a simulation before the Enem 2018, which takes place on 4 and 11 November. See how to access questions and answers from previous Enem tests.

Tutorial shows how to use ENEM's interactive database on the Descomplica website

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Step 1. Access the site with templates in Descomplica (// Then click on one of the previous years to access the proof page;

Action to open an interactive template from ENEM's previous years on the Descomplica website

Step 2. At this time, the site offers filter options so you can choose the issues according to the application, card and day. To understand the feature, click on "Both days";

Action to choose questions from an old ENEM test on the Descomplica website

Step 3. Set a filter of the exam day. You can choose the first or second day for questions to be set by the filter;

Action to choose a day to filter the ENEM issues presented by the Descomplica website

Step 4. Use the other filters and, when you are satisfied, click on one of the questions at the bottom of the screen;

Action to open an ENEM issue through the Descomplica website

Step 5. The question chosen will be displayed on the screen with the option to share with Facebook and Twitter. To see the replies commented, scroll the screen to the end;

Screen with an ENEM issue offered by the Descomplica website

Step 6. The comment on the issue is raised by teachers who are part of the website team. The template appears at the bottom of the screen. The platform lists other correspondents and subjects used in the drafting.

Commented template and corresponding subjects of an ENEM question on the Descomplica website

Use the tip to stay informed and up-to-date with ENEM's previous years' evidence.

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