How to take a duplicate account from a clear account and change expiration date

With the My Claro app, Claro customers can check their package, purchase new services, request service, view the invoice and even change the expiration date. The app can be accessed by all carrier (pre, control and post) customers on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform two important functions in the application: Take second track of the account and change the due date.

The procedure for the tutorial was done on a Galaxy S7 phone with Android 7 (Nougat) system, but it works in much the same way on devices with other operating systems.

My Claro App lets you view invoices and change expiration dates

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How to take a second copy of Claro's account

Step 1. Log in or sign up for the application by filling in information such as CPF and email. Scroll down the page displayed after login and click "Download PDF" to get a file with the account, or under "Barcode" to view only the code for payment.

Log in and choose either to download the account or see barcode number

Step 2. If the choice is for "Download PDF", the download is done automatically. If you click to get the barcode, a window will appear with the number and the option to copy, paste to your bank's Internet banking, for example, and make the payment in a practical way.

The PDF download is done automatically by clicking on the option

How to change Claro's expiration date

Step 1. To change the expiration of an account You also need to log in to the app, scroll through the home page to the part where the currently selected date is described, and click "Change."

To change your account due date, follow the steps in the tutorial

Step 2. You will be directed to another screen where you must select a new due date for your account. After choosing, just click on "Change Maturity".

Choose best day to expire and confirm the exchange

Step 3. Then simply confirm the change and it will be effected and confirmed through a message described as Protocol.

Confirm the change to view completion message

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