How to take second copy of Oi's account and change expiration date

My Hi is the official Oi application that brings important features to prepaid and postpaid customers. For those who have an account plan, the app allows you to send a duplicate account, view and share the barcode, access the detailed invoice and change the expiration date, among other functions - all via smartphone. The service works on Android and iPhone.

In this tutorial, we teach you the way to access these resources. The procedure was performed on a Moto G5S Plus running Android 7.1.1. Here's how to use MyOi and control your phone plan over the phone.

See how the 2nd track of the account, change maturity and view detailed account in the Hi app

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Issue duplicate of Oi, see bar code and detailed account

Step 1. Install MyOi and open the app. In the first screens, the application will ask for access to phone calls, storage and location. If you agree, tap the "Allow" button on each screen.

My Home Permission initial access screens to device

Step 2. Choose your plan mode (pre or post). Since this tutorial is intended for post-paid account changes, we have selected this option. If you have already registered in My Hi, enter the CPF or email, your password and press "Enter." Otherwise, tap "Create Account" and follow the procedures given. Registration requires CPF number, full name, email address and password creation, plus a verification that you are not dealing with a robot.

My Hi app application login

Step 3. My Hi displays as the main screen the "My Products" tool, which lists all the contracted services. To pick up a duplicate account or view the bar code for a ticket, tap the three dash button in the upper left corner and select "Accounts."

Path to the account menu in My Hi on the Android app

Step 4. My Hi displays the invoices ordered by the due date, accompanied by the status "Paid" or "Open". Enter the desired account and touch "Detailed account in PDF" to download the file.

Hi Hi detailed account download link by Hi My app

Step 5. The first two pages of the PDF are the account summary, formatted in the same way as in the printed version, delivered at home. From the third page, the file displays the detailed account of links, SMS and internet usage

PDF with Oi detailed account downloaded by mobile app

Step 6. Slide the screen to display the barcode. Touch "Copy code" to copy the numerical sequence to the clipboard or "Share" to send the number to another app. If you have your bank application installed, you can still hit the "Pay with the bank application" button to complete the transaction.

Oi's invoice bar code options for the smartphone app

How to change Oi's due date

Step 1. Go to the "My Products" screen and select the plan. Slide the screen to the bottom and then touch the "Change due date" function.

Phone plan expiration date change tool by My Hi

Step 2. Tap the "Select a new date" field and choose one of the options that the application provides you with.

Selecting new due date from the plan's Oi plan by the application

Step 3. Press the "Continue" button. The app will display a summary of the new setting. To apply the change to the due date, touch "Confirm."

Changing the Oi account expiration date through the mobile app

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