How to talk to yourself on the Telegram to save texts and files

Telegram lets you start a chat with yourself in the app. The feature, called cloud storage, works like a normal conversation. As such, you can use it to save texts, voice messages, links, PDF, Word documents, music, photos and videos. Because the messenger is cloud-based, uploaded files are not saved in the application - leaving cell storage intact.

According to the Telegram, uploading capacity is unlimited. However, each document saved in the cloud must have a maximum of 1.5 GB. Check out this tutorial on how to use a conversation with yourself on Telegram on Android smartphones and iPhone (iOS) to save important information.

Telegram allows users to initiate conversations with themselves to save documents and media in the cloud

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Step 1. Open the Telegram and touch the three bars icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then touch your profile photo.

Way to start a chat with yourself in Telegram

Step 2. Note that chat has the same functions as other Telegram conversations. You can use the paper clip icon to access the upload options. In this example, we will use the music option.

Options for attaching files from a Telegram chat with yourself

Step 3. Select the song or file you want to save in the chat and tap the "Send" option.

Saving a song in the sharing cloud of a Telegram chat with yourself

Step 4. In the mobile library, you can select photos and videos you want to save in the chat and access the sharing options. At this point, choose the "Telegram" option.

Sharing option with the Telegram of media saved in the mobile library

Step 5. Set the size of the share to proceed. Then tap the chat with yourself to send the files.

Option to save media from your phone in a Telegram chat with yourself

Path to find files saved in the chat with yourself

Step 1. Inside the chat, tap the description of the conversation at the top of the screen. At this point, go to the "Shared Media" option. Note that saved files appear as messages within the conversation.

Finding documents saved in a Telegram chat with yourself

Step 2. Tap "Shared Media" and choose the types of files you want to find so they are listed on the screen.

Action to find files saved in a Telegram chat with yourself

Take the hint to save any file from your cell phone in the Telegram cloud without filling the internal storage of the phone.

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