How to test your internet with the Netflix speedometer

Netflix offers an internet speed measurement service available in the web and app version for Android and iPhone (iOS). Fast is able to measure how fast downloads and uploads are done over the mobile or wi-fi network. The platform also analyzes the connection latency, which indicates how long it takes, in milliseconds, for a data packet to go from one designated point to the other, such as from the smartphone to a network page.

Fast, created by Netflix, is one of the most used Internet speed tests in the world

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The company's goal in creating the service was to provide subscribers with a fast and free way to determine the speed offered by providers. The step-by-step below, performed on a Moto Z2 Play, can be done in both the mobile app and the website, because both have the same interface.

Step 1. Download the app from TechTudo Downloads or visit

Step 2. When you open the app or the site, the service will calculate the network download speed by simply waiting. Tap "Show more settings" to see data such as upload speed and "unloaded" and "uploaded" latency with network traffic (ie when loading a web page).

Fast calculates speed automatically

Step 3. Go to "Settings" and access the possibilities offered by the program. As informed, Netflix performs a series of downloads and uploads to perform the test and the user can opt for the maximum and minimum number of these connections. It is also allowed to choose the minimum and maximum time period, in seconds, for the measurement to be made.

Access the Fast setup options, the Netflix Speed ​​Meter

Step 4. Below are some boxes that can be marked, if you want to measure the latency loaded during the upload (ie include in the time estimate the situations in which a file is sent to a site, for example), always show all (without having to touch the "Show More Information" button) and / or save the new settings on those devices. Once the selection is complete, go to "Save".

The service will automatically redo the evaluation. But if you want to repeat the procedure, simply touch the arrow icon inside the green circle.

Saving Fast Configuration Options

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